How To Bullet Journal

19 March 2020

Hi there! Looking for some neat tricks and tips on how to bullet journal? Then you have come to the right place!

Before I begin, ask yourself first, why would you like to start a bullet journal? If your answer falls along the line of "wanting to organize my life", "I don't want to keep forgetting stuff", "I want to be motivated enough to get things done" and etc, then with my arms wide open, I want to warmly welcome you to join in on this Bullet Journal Journey.

It has to become a norm at this point in your life to always ask yourself first "Why" you would like to do something. If you figure out your "Why", may it be to improve yourself or to simply keep track of life, then everything else (should) fall in place the moment you step your foot in to 'it'.

For example, at the very beginning, I told myself that I wanted to improve everything that I can about myself, that includes being organized, to stop the 'habit' of forgetting stuff and to keep churning my creative brain juice. Those are my core reasons for starting my Bullet Journal Journey.

Now, that we got the "Why" out of the way, here comes the "How"; which is pretty simple unlike what others might have said about Bullet Journaling.

How to Bullet Journal?

Seriously, all you'd actually need is these 4 steps to conquer your Bullet Journal Journey.

1. Having A Basic Stationery Set Or A Platform

Having a notebook and a pen, is essentially all you'd ever need to start your Bullet Journal Journey. If you are not the kind of person to pen things down on a piece of paper, then you can always opt for Digital Bullet Journaling; the purpose and the system pretty much works the same.

For me, personally, I prefer writing things down manually, as it gives an extra level of awareness and intention to the whole process. What I mean by that? Well, if you have to write something down, you have to be extra intentional about it as you are going to be taking up some time to write it down and this motion itself serves as the first layer of "reminder' to your mind. If you were to just type things into your Digital Bullet Journal, since it is easy to "type" and "delete" with a tap on the screen, sometimes things which are unnecessary also tends to get "written" down or accidentally deleted off your Bullet Journal.

Like I said, all you need is a notebook and a pen or an app that can help you get started with your Bullet Journal Journey!

2. Setting A List Of Spread Ideas

As you have taken the time to find your "WHY", you will (or rather should) know what are the aspects that you'd like to reinforce in your life. Here's a list of a few general ideas and go-to spreads that are implemented by many others in the Bullet Journal Community:

- The Year's Calendar
- A Year At A Glance
- Future Log
- Goals Spread
- Savings Tracker
- Travel Goals
- Monthly Layout
- Weekly Layout
- Habit Trackers
- Exercise Trackers
- Expenses Trackers

As you can tell, these are pretty generic spread ideas. If your goal is more to push forward in your business, or tackling all those new projects or even to map out your studies, you can add and do all of that in your Bullet Journal. Your Bullet Journal is your story to tell!

3. Get Creative a.k.a Finding Inspirations

If you are on the crafty side, this will come rather easily to you but if you aren't on the crafty side, you can always opt for a minimalist approach to your Bullet Journal. For this, there are tons of Bullet Journal Ideas that you can research on Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube. 

From minimalist spreads all the way to the most award-deserving artistic spreads are scattered all over the Internet. Just take an hour or less, to do some research of which themes and layouts speaks to you the most, and try to implement them into your own Bullet Journal with your own added spice!

Here are some of my favourite Instagram profiles and Youtubers that I binge on, every night.



4. Don't Try To Be Perfect

Your Bullet Journal is your journey to what you deem as a "perfect" life, so it is unreasonable of you to want your Bullet Journal looking perfect (all the time). Throughout your Bullet Journal Journey, you will find that how some of the spread that you initially started with, evolves as you do.

Don't stop filling in your Bullet Journal just because you are afraid to make a mistake in it....that's the whole purpose of your Bullet Journal; it tells or rather shows you the progress of your own story. Cherish those "mistakes"!

Learn to enjoy the process of "creating" a new you. There's really no use fussing over a supposed straight line, if at all, with much practice, those supposed straight lines and messy doodles will act as your training ground to bring out the best skills of yours.

Take it slow, learn how to jive with the basics of the Bullet Journal System. Then, as days, weeks and months go by, add a little more of "you" in it. Slowly but surely, you will become proud of your own Bullet Journal Journey and the person that you have bloomed into.

That's all there is to it, into starting your own Bullet Journal. Now, if you'd like to know more of how the Bullet Journal System works, click here >>>


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