How To Set Up A Future Log

26 March 2020

Hi there! Today, we will learn how to set up a Future Log in your Bullet Journal!

Now, just before I share with you some of the Future Log layouts that you could try out for yourself, let's take a quick re-cap of what is a Future Log.

A Future Log is a Collection that helps you keep track of all the events and important dates that takes place outside of the month you are in. Events such birthdays, anniversary, travel dates, moving day and etc gets noted down in this Collection.

In essence, a Future Log is your personal analog reminder that nudges you every day, if you religiously go through it, every day.

Future Logs are very handy, needless to say, but it can also be taxing as you'd might get hand cramps from writing down all of those dates. So, please do set up this Collection with patience.

Here are some of the Future Log layouts that you can try incorporating in your Bullet Journal:

#1 Vertical Month

For this year, I am using this style of Future Log. It helps me to pin point exactly which days or weeks that I am packed with events and things to do. If you are wondering, the double lines actually indicate the weekends.

The only downside to this layout is if you are a person that has plenty of schedule/meetings jam packed into 1 day, then this layout definitely will limit you in a way.

#2 Mini Calendars In Columns

This setup is clean and gives you ample amount of space to fit in all of your important schedules, travel dates, meetings, birthdays and etc. I can safely say that most of those whom Bullet Journal tend to go for this Future Log layout.

#3 All-In-One-Glance

FYI, I am literally just making up titles for each template, because there's no exact term for each of them. So, I am just labeling them as I see fit.

This Future Log layout is great for those who like to have all of their monthly events in one spread/page flip. However, each month there's only 10-12 lines for your reminders. For me, I find this layout is just right, because technically speaking, one should not over pack their schedule as there is only 4-5 weeks in a month; so having 10-12 events/important meetings (and such) would be sufficient and efficient in terms of your productivity.

#4 Fancy Mini Calendars

This layout is perfect for those who love some funk added into their Bullet Journal. As I was looking through Pinterest, I spotted this layout made by All Things BuJo and I immediately knew that I wanted to recreate this, and most likely will be using this style to create my next year's Future Log.

It was just so much fun creating this and it also has a lot of space to write in all of those important reminders, well at least that's what I think.

#5 Minimal Mini Calendars

Here's another mini calendars-in-columns that have a little change up to it. Just like the second style, this Future Log layout also gives a great amount of space to fill up till your heart is content. Rather than the typical aligned calendar, switching up the mini calendar's position can also help to give some 'flavour' to your Bullet Journal.

#6 Corporate Mini Calendars

This layout gave me the "Office" vibe almost instantly. I have not come across yet anyone using this style of layout for their Future Log. But I can see myself and others using this layout from here on out as it has a lot of space to write in (especially if your handwriting is small) and you can see all the plans for the whole year ahead.

Before I sign off, just wanted to remind you that writing all the mini monthly calendars can give you major hand cramps so please do this spread patiently. I definitely had major major hand cramps since I was creating ( and recreating ) this 6 Future Log Layouts in one go for you to reference.

Anyways, do let me know if you like any of this Future Log Layouts and if you have any requests of any other specific Collections layout, just leave them down in the comment section below. I'll be more than happy to come up with minimal-to-fun types of layout.

Also, as time goes by, I may be adding on more Future Log layouts, so don't forget to stay subscribed to The Little BuJo Steps.

Hope you have a fun time recreating these Future Logs! 💖

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