How To Set Up A Monthly Log

8 May 2020

Hi there! Today we will learn the unlimited ways of how you can use a Monthly Log in your Bullet Journal. 

As usual, before we get into the "advanced" part of how to set up a Monthly Log, let's quickly refresh what is a Monthly Log?

A Monthly Log is a spread where you can map out what "events" that will take place in that month. This does not only function as a place to jot down your events, but also certain main task that you'd like to tackle in that month.

Events and Main Tasks are the two most common reasons of setting up a Monthly Log, however, there's an unlimited amount of ways to fully utilize your Monthly Log as well.

Here's a list of what you can do with your Monthly Log setup:

- Events
- Appointments
- Birthdays
- Plans (Tasks)
- Habit Trackers/Logs
- Meal Plan
- Gratitude
- Daily Affirmations
- Expenses
- Daily Prompts
- Journalling
- Daily Reflection
- Word of The Day
- Learn Something New Each Day
- Self Care Log
- Song of The Day
- New Ideas
- Challenge List
- Project Planning
- Mix Of All Of The Above Elements

Like I said, there's unlimited ways to fill in your Monthly Log! Just get creative with it! 

Now, that you have a rough idea of what to fill in your Monthly Log with, here's a few different Monthly Log styles that you can try.

Finding a sweet spot of how you like to setup your Monthly Log, can really help to motivate you to want to fill those blanks up, in a productive way.

#1 2-Spreads Monthly Calendar

This is one of the most common Monthly Log styles that you will see most Bullet Journalists use. It gives you ample amount of space to write down bullet notes, events and some even fill up these daily boxes with their doodles!

#2 Vertical Monthly Log

This style was suggested by the father of Bullet Journal, Ryder Carroll, himself. It's straight to the point; you can clearly set your weekly events and tasks without overloading yourself with a mountain of tasks.

#3 Split Vertical Monthly Log

Similar to the previous Monthly Log style except this version is with a little twist or should I say "split"? Basically, how you use this Monthly Log layout is exactly like the usual Vertical Monthly Log but the difference is with this Split Vertical Monthly Log, you can separate your "Personal" and "Work" tasks/events!

This gives you the perfect opportunity to not only plan days of the week/month to give yourself some timeout, pampering sessions, or even just to make sure that there are days planned only with loved ones. This also acts as a tracker, to see if you have been treating yourself right!

#4 Half Spread Monthly Calendar

In need of a simpler calendar that doesn't take up too much space, then this could be your alternate choice of Monthly Log! Filling in only the important events/meetings/birthdays. Practical enough, wouldn't you say so?

#5 Mini Monthly Calendar

If you are just not that into creating calendar boxes because it is just too time consuming and you really aren't friends with the ruler, then this Monthly Log style could work perfectly for you!

Using the mini monthly calendar as a good indicator of where are the blissful weekends at and merely highlighting the dates with some pop of colour can really help to keep track of those important dates.

#6 Let's-Get-Fancy Monthly Log

Where's my Doodle buddies at?! If you are very much into adding a lot of your own style and flavour into your Bullet Journal, then you could absolutely try this Monthly Log style out!

Doodling can be very therapeutic! And of course, it makes everything that much more pleasant to look at; which boosts up those dopamine levels to motivate you to make the most out of your month too.

So, which Monthly Log style would you try out? Also, do take note, that you can always mix and match, tweak and adjust spreads/collections to however you want....just as long it helps you to stay on track and it serves your purpose and needs.

Till the next post, have fun setting up your Monthly Log!

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