Bullet Journal Youtubers To Follow

1 July 2020

Hi there Little Feetsies!

Today we will be sharing something special with you in hopes that these amazing Bullet Journal Youtubers will inspire you throughout your bullet journal journey.

These Youtubers are, of course, our personal favourites and with a little research, we are sure you will be able to find more inspiring ones.

So let's begin!

1. Amanda Rach Lee
Many know her as the mother of bullet journal in the community. She is always coming up with new themes and layouts that will amaze you. Functionality and artistry is always her key points.

2. Journal Away by Anna
If you are into painting, specifically water colouring, then Anna is your go-to Youtuber! Although she does a bunch of paintings in her bullet journal, she still keeps her spreads very minimal and that's really the beauty (and what got us attracted to her bullet journal videos) of her setups.

3. Junni Sun Studio
Junni has been our recent top favourite! With her architectural background, she includes absolutely mind-blowing and gorgeous spreads that will leave your jaw wide open! Honestly, we just can't get enough of the amount of details that go into each illustration!

4. Seed Successful You by Slav
Slav shares all things art and bullet journaling on her platform. She creates cute and really vibrant spreads that will capture your hearts, for sure! We are especially in love with her, beautiful yet minimal, 2020 bullet journal setup.

5. Shayda Campbell
Shayda is the "guru" for floral spreads! And she makes it look super easy to follow as well. For you floral lovers out there, you have to make sure to be subscribed to Shayda.

6. The Little BuJo Steps
Yes, we are shamelessly promoting ourselves in this list because we believe that everyone's bullet journal journey is ever evolving. As our names suggests, we strongly believe in taking little steps to explore the endless ways to setup one's bullet journal till we can find what works best for us.

There will definitely be more bullet journal Youtuber suggestions in the near future so do keep an eye out for the updates! Till then we hope you will find any of these channels to be inspiring and get to "upgrade" your bullet journal journey.

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